Installing rootstrust on Chrome OS is a bit more challenging than installing it on Windows, macOS or Linux, since it requires that you first install Crostini Linux before you can install rootstrust and then you must install a number of Linux apps before all of rootstrust's features can be used. For that reason we have written an installation guide for Chrome OS users and developed a series of short videos that demonstrate each step of this multi-step process. If the user prepares in advance, the entire installation process on a new ChromeBook or Chromebox should take about a half an hour. The good news is that you only have to do this once, unless you factory reset you computer.

We suggest that you download, print and study the installation guide. Then watch the first video, and on your own computer, duplicate what you saw in the video while using the printed installation guide as a crutch. Do the same for each successive step until you are finished. Some of the steps are optional like those dealing with virtual desktops, cloud storage systems and external storage. You can always go back later and add them.

Installing rootstrust on Chrome OS

10-Using other cloud storage services with rootstrust on Chrome OS

The links below are to Youtube videos (link 10 is not yet active)